Our Story


The idea for United Hollywood was born when we noticed that most local real estate websites were slow, boring, and poorly designed. Few delivered a great experience to visitors searching and viewing homes for sale online. Maybe that explained the popularity of a few really big sites like Zillow and Trulia.

Of course, if you filled out an inquiry form on those giant real estate portals, you'd become a “lead.” Within minutes, a dozen or so agents would call, email, text - pounce all at once! A little overwhelming, don’t you think?

Instead, why not build a local real estate site that people love - one that is easy to use and where the company running it actually builds a one-to-one relationship with clients instead of annoying them? It's not that hard. We know our visitors and customers want two simple things:

1. A fast, easy-to-use, frequently updated website, and 

2. To partner with a competent, respectful, local real estate agent.

United Hollywood aims to engage and inspire home buyers and sellers, first with a great online experience, then in person. When you’re ready, we’re excited to start the conversation, learn about you, and make sure you’re happy with the results.


Kenzie Teague, Realtor®

(949) 677-9978 


Tony Mariotti, Realtor®

(415) 322-9187