Migrating Your Site When It Is WordPress

The number of times I have had clients pay me simply to migrate or move their website to a new server or URL is just staggering. Many of these clients have basic knowledge of WordPress programming and can do most of the intricate stuff that you would otherwise need a programmer for and yet they come to me for advice.

This begs the question, is it really that difficult to migrate WordPress? The answer is a big NO. I periodically need to work on my websites and instead of doing any live changes, I prefer working on my system until the changes are ready. Then it is a simple matter of moving the website back to the server. But this begs the question – do permalinks change and if they do how to deal with that.

The easy answer is that there are plugins that let you do the migration process without much of an afterthought. Of course, it does matter how you use your WordPress website. If you have custom plugins and codes running through your website, then it can become a bit trickier moving your website around.

But, for those who have no such scripts and custom plugins, here is a simple method to move your WordPress installation seamlessly between URLs, servers and even your local computer.

Use Duplicator Plugin!

Yup, it really is that simple and best part about using this plugin is that the free version is almost always sufficient to do the trick.

Just install it on your live site and create a package. Once created, you have two files you need to download. Upload the two files to which ever folder you intend to move your WordPress installation to and run the installer script.

Follow the instructions and if all goes well, you should get to the stage where you are asked for database credentials. First create a database for your new install or connect to an existing database and then complete the installation.

The final steps include changing the permalinks, testing the site and deleting all installation and packages from Duplicator.

The best part about using this plugin is that it works great as a backup tool as well.

I have used Duplicator plugin numerous times for clients and made a killing off it. Hope no client reads through this post though!

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