High-Quality Writing, Please Come Back

The reason I got involved in web standards in the first place was because of all the amazing blogs that existed around the topic five years back. The scene was bursting at the seams and high-quality content was all around. Blogging was fairly new and everyone was excited about it. It even led to the rise of web standards and web design superstars. Most of them are still around. Hardly any are still publishing the high-quality content they used to.

These days they use Twitter and other services. The more they use Twitter, the less they blog. The occasional post is usually a very bland commentary on a topic that, in itself, is boring, rather than an informed post on something ground-breaking. The high-quality content that was once so abundant, is now hard to find.

Some would suggest that nothing exciting is happening in the web standards space around HTML and CSS, but I disagree. Looking around the various forums, tutorial sites, and blogs, I still see people struggling with CSS, and I still see people struggling with semantics in HTML. I even see sites with table-less layouts whose coders used no elements other than div. More importantly, HTML5 is just coming around — it’s an exciting new development in the web space, yet articles published on the topic barely touch the surface.

There is so much more to be written about these topics, so much more to be discussed. Instead we’re all sharing little snippets of pop-writing on Twitter. Sure, it’s nice to be connected and social. But take all the time wasted on Twitter and you could have one high-quality post a week instead. Unlike tweets, such post would actually contribute something useful to the discourse in the web standards community.

Am I the only one who misses the more adventurous articles on the topic of web standards? Am I the only one who thinks that people still don’t get CSS and HTML properly? It can’t be.

But, there are now several tutorial sites that give a rather good layout of CSS and HTML. I particularly love the course structure of Treehouse and visit it regularly to learn new technologies.

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